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ISGlobal: 10 years guaranteeing Barcelona’s place amongst leaders in health research 

Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal) is a benchmark in biomedical research

Barcelona is recognized for leading innovation in health and bioscience, sectors that are essential for generating wealth, attracting talent, and boosting the economy.

For ten years, the Institute of Global Health of Barcelona (ISGlobal) has stood out for the importance of its biomedical research, its high volume of scientific research, and its ability to apply the knowledge acquired. As a leading international research center, it has played an important role in ensuring that Barcelona is center stage in the world of science.

The aim of ISGlobal and its 400 professionals, 300 of whom are researchers, is to improve global health and promote equal access to health by means of excellence in research and the transfer and application of the knowledge it generates. The institution is the fruit of a partnership involving numerous actors: La Caixa (bank), the Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra universities, the Hospital Clínic and Parc de Salut Mar health park, the Spanish and Catalan governments, and, lastly, Barcelona City Council. The objective is to contribute to the efforts of the international community and to meet the challenges of healthcare in a globalized world.

ISGlobal is one of the leading global health institutions in Europe and has played a key role in major advances, for example, in the field of malaria and Chagas disease. The institute, which is growing and expanding its research program, has established itself as a hub for science and the application of results. It is based in Barcelona but has a global vision and is making a direct impact on the most vulnerable groups in society. ISGlobal is currently running projects in more than 40 countries.

In addition to scientific research into the environment and both infectious and non-communicable diseases, ISGlobal carries out important work in the communication of social and behavioral change and advises on the creation of health policies and strategies. 

ISGlobal's goal is to improve global health and promote health equity through excellence in research, and the translation and application of the knowledge generated

Response to the pandemic

The COVID-19 epidemic has shaken society as a whole and is a serious threat both to people's health and the global economy. ISGlobal has made it a priority to devote itself to the fight against COVID-19. It is playing leading role in the response to the pandemic and has created a multidisciplinary strategy that encompasses the fields of science, society and politics. "In an epidemic the focus is on the community," says Rafael Vilasanjuan, Policy and Global Development Director at ISGlobal, who has recently been selected as a member of the board of Gavi, the global alliance for vaccination against COVID-19. In addition, the Institute is a member of the Covid-19 Clinical Research Coalition, along with 70 other international institutions.

Despite being in good shape, the figures show that the life sciences sector still has potential for growth in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona. Government agencies, social agents, nonprofits, professionals, and citizens are all working to promote the sector and to ensure it continues to be effective and to grow.

Participants of the programme Barcelona 2040

Nina Sastre

Quality Management Technician at Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron

Cristina Adroher

Deputy planning director and management support at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

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